Responsible Shredding Of Documents: What You Need To Know

For those running a paper shredding business, a matter of concern has to do with the manner in which they shred sensitive information. The documents obtained from their clients such as financial statements and business letters contain confidential and sensitive information that can be utilized to harm the concerned company or even an individual within the firm, especially if such documents fall into the wrong hands. As such, it is important to learn a few things about secure document destruction.

Dangers of irresponsible document shredding
It is a common misconception that security breaches in this digital age affect only the information shared online. Although it is true that cyber-crime is on the rise and even the largest corporations do not seem to be immune, many criminals keep trying to gather information the old fashioned way. Underestimating just how determined an individual can be when trying to gain access to sensitive and confidential information with ill intent is unwise.

It only takes one document falling into the wrong hands for someone with malicious intentions to get the information they need. For instance, identity theft causes thousands of dollars or more in damage for most of the companies currently operational, and this crime is possible mainly due to irresponsible document shredding. Even if identity theft does not occur, this type of data breach often puts businesses in violation of privacy laws, which opens up the door to liability suits. The fines associated with violation of privacy laws can at times be too much to recover from, especially for small, and sometimes medium-sized, businesses.

As such, shredding your documents irresponsibly might be the downfall of your organization.

Benefits of responsible document shredding
Shredding your documents responsibly is as easy as engaging a professional paper shredding service provider. Many of the most reputable paper shredding service providers will send their representatives to your offices to ensure shredding of all hardcopy documents earmarked for disposal happens before any of the documents ever gets the chance to leave the building.

Professional shredders ensure that not even a single document leaves your office building in readable form. In addition to providing complete protection against issues such as identity theft to you and your clients, engaging professional paper shredders also gives you the peace of mind that usually accompanies knowing you have attained high levels of information security.

More than that, shredding your documents in a responsible manner by hiring a licensed paper shredding service provider also means staying protected against the potential consequences associated with the violation of privacy laws. For instance, destroying documents doesn’t necessarily mean you have done so in agreement with the privacy act regulations.

On-site paper shredding is one of the most secure ways of complying with the privacy act regulations. Partnering with professional paper shredders ensures you are protected against potential issues and threats. As such, responsible document shredding is one of the best investments you could make when it comes to the future of your company regardless of the industry you operate in. More information can be found at Shred-it, which provides additional resources.